Are you a Kleptones carrier?

This week The Kleptones released the first part of their new album in an unconventional way: they’ve sent out individual tracks to people randomly picked from a pool of volunteers and left them to get on with putting it all back together.

I’m one lucky recipient, and a bunch of us have found each other and made a great start on assembling the tunes. We have 21 of them, but we’re still 16 short and multiple calls on Twitter and Facebook aren’t having much impact.

So I’m putting the call out here in the hope that it’ll get indexed by Google and appear in searches. If you’re a carrier and don’t know what to do with your track, mail me through my contact form and I’ll help you out.

And if you’re not a carrier but want to hear this new slice of Kleptones (which is sounding bloody excellent from what we have so far), it would be lovely if you could give this post a boost on whatever social media you have to hand.



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